Sunshine Parenting brings you an effective way to parent and teach that maintains dignity and respect for both the adult and the child. We offer new approaches and techniques to age old problems and the new problems created from our ever changing world.


Parenting and teaching today’s kids produces more challenges than generations ago. Many techniques and styles that our own parents and teachers used simply don’t apply or are not effective. America’s parenting experts at the Love and Logic® Institute teach us that we do not need to be psychologists to raise responsible and respectful kids.


Our programs bring you realistic and practical techniques that you can put to use right away. Love and Logic® is easy to learn, fun to use and applies to all ages. Attending one of our workshops is a great way to treat yourself in a healthy way. Come join the fun and find out how parents and teachers all around the country are raising respectful and responsible kids without raising their voice or breaking a sweat.



  • Neutralize arguments and avoid power struggles.
  • Set and enforce limits in a loving way.
  • Get chores done.
  • Raise responsible kids.
  • End anger, lectures, threats and warnings.
  • Make parenting fun and rewarding!



  • Put an end to arguing and back-talk.
  • Teach responsibility by using consequences with empathy.
  • Preserve the learning environment when kids are disruptive.
  • Set limits without reminders, lectures or threats.
  • Avoid power struggles by giving choices within limits.
  • Teach kids how to solve their own problems.