Love and Logic® Educator Workshops

Whether your school is new to Love and Logic ®, needs to schedule the next modules of the 9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom ®, or is looking to fill Professional Development time, our facilitators can work with your school to find the best solution for you. Contact your local independent facilitator for availability and pricing.

9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom®

Depending on your professional development needs, two modules can be scheduled in a three hour time slot. Contact your local facilitator to customize your training schedule.9e-workbook

Module 1 – Neutralizing Student Arguing
Module 2 – Delayed Consequences
Module 3 – Empathy
Module 4 – The Recovery Process
Module 5 – Developing Positive Teacher/Student Relationships
Module 6 – Setting Limits with Enforceable Statements
Module 7 – Using Choices to Prevent Power Struggles
Module 8 – Quick and Easy Preventative Interventions
Module 9 – Guiding Students to Own and Solve Their Problems

Classroom Refreshers and School In-service

Invite one of our independent facilitators to re-energize your teachers and give them practical techniques they can use in their classroom to stop student disruptions, end student arguing and back talk and give them more time to do what they love – teaching! Contact one of our independent facilitators to customize your In-service program to your school’s needs.

All educator workshop participants will receive

  • 9 essential skills educator workbook (additional costs may apply).
  • access to their facilitator’s Lending Library.
  • Love and Logic’s® insider’s club emails
  • indirect access to the authors of Love and Logic® via your facilitator.

Schools that schedule all 9 modules in a 12 month period may be eligible to receive a starter Love & Logic® lending library. Contact your local facilitator for details.

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