Frequently Asked Questions

What is Love and Logic®?

Love and Logic is a win-win approach to parenting and teaching. Children win because they’ll learn to solve their own problems while gaining the confidence they will need to be prepared for the real world. Adults win because they establish healthy control without resorting to anger, threats, nagging, or exhausting power struggles. This puts the fun back into parenting and teaching.

What type of parents typically attend your workshops? Are these classes for parents of really troubled kids?

We all deal with the typical control, responsibility and respect issues when dealing with children. Love and Logic’s approach to dealing with these issues leaves us, the adult, smiling and feeling calm and collected. No anger, threats, lectures or repeated warnings. Your facilitator is teaching these classes because they have witnessed first hand how amazing Love and Logic® really is.

When should I start using Love & Logic®?

Our programs are truly for all parents and teachers. The authors have designed the program to assist parents with children as young as six months of age and all the way through teenage and adult years. They also stress it is never too late to begin the process. After all, it is never too late to improve relationships and to set loving limits with our children.

What if my spouse can’t or won’t attend… will Love and Logic® still work?

Yes, although it’s ideal for both parents to attend, we realize that it’s not always possible due to our busy lives. The authors stress that kids will adapt to various discipline styles. Most parents report that after a partner witnesses the effectiveness of the Love and Logic® techniques, they usually gain enthusiasm to learn more.

I have noticed that Love and Logic®, Institute, Inc. has several audio CD’s and books available. Which ones do you recommend?

Our facilitators have access to many of the materials and can recommend some for your situation. As an added value to our classes, our facilitators also make their own libraries available to participants. Check with your local facilitator on their library lending policy.

Are the facilitators licensed psychologists or parenting experts?

No. However they have been trained by the authors and should you have a question or problem that your facilitator can not help you with, your facilitator does have direct access to the authors. It is important to note that Love and Logic® is not a substitute for therapy. In extreme cases, a combination of the skills you will learn in class and discussions with a good therapist may be necessary.

Do you ever offer discounts or scholarships?

Our facilitators have been known to have scholarships available and offer discounts. Check with your local facilitator.

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