so simple…

Our son hadn’t been doing his bathroom chore this month. I just gave it a turbo clean. In addition to having Xbox on the shelf until we are not worried it will be a distraction to his responsibilities, we had the following conversation: Me – “Sweetie, since you haven’t been doing your bathroom chore for the entire month of April, do you think it’s fair that you will switch to doing the dishwasher without having to do a month of the bathroom?” Son – “Well, No. But I think he (brother) is going to want to switch.” Me – “Good point. I think since he has been doing his dishwasher chore for the month of April, it wouldn’t be fair for him to do it for another month.” Son – “SNAP! I know where this is going! Don’t do it, don’t do it..(slightly smiling…slightly sighing). Me – “You guessed it buddy. For the month of May, you will have both the dishwasher and the bathroom. When we are not worried about chores getting done or your room being a cyclone, we can talk about having Xbox back in our lives. Thank you for handling this so well. Love ya!” Loved that he figured out where I was going and I didn’t even have to say it! Love that kid!

J Wagner


J Wagner